Main Crew


Race: Human
Just this random guy from Earth who ended up as the Chosen One and now have to save the Universe. A place that so far isn't in any danger.
No one knows his real name, since he lost the ability to speak before he could share it. In lack of a name they just call him Pseudonym. As the Chosen One he is rumored to be three meters tall and breathe fire, this is not at all true. Though powers that he have been observed to possess is walking both on and through walls.

Jisel Rigdmy

Race: Prophetian
Jisel Rigdmy is the last of his kind. That kind being the Prophetians, a powerful race with the ability to utter prophesies that came true. They more or less had the galaxy as their playground until their victims rebelled. Jisel somehow managed to survive the slaughter of the rest of his race, and doesn't seem to hold his deceased kin in high regard.
As one of the most powerful beings alive he is both respected and feared. Even though he is a bit egocentric he prefers to mind his own business and let the rest of the Galaxy take care of itself. Jisel never lies, in fact he can't, but at occasions he keeps information from people when it benefits him.

Etcetra Asap

Race: Sureu
Works as a mechanic and chief of security on the space station Winterhaven. She is quite stubborn person and a tad bit of a workaholic. She and Jisel have known each other for a long time. She repairs his ship every time he breaks it, which happens a lot. He calls her by the nickname Etc for no apparent reason, something that greatly annoys her. She is a pretty nice person when it comes to it, but far from an heroic friend.

Gurez Zanges

Race: Jusgite
According to Jisel the second best pilot in the universe. Gurez lives in one of the most dangerous places in the Galaxy, namely Fangs Hollow. The Hollow is a gigantic smuggler nest, filled with all sorts of crooks. This makes Gurez seem a bit out of place since he is, in most ways, a nice guy. The reason he do live in the Hollow is that his father works there.
His race do not use facial expressions to communicate mood, but smell. Gurez tend to use the fact that he is hard to read to pull pranks on people.

The Evil Empire of the MilkyWay

His Majesty the Kaiser-Dictator of the Galaxy, Leif

Race: Reyier
Ruler of the Empire. He takes his responsibilities very seriously. Jisels actions have great impact on the political stability of the Empire, which is why Lars want's to keep close tabs on his movements. He is a good politician, upholds the traditions of the empire and have recently avoided a, completely legal, coup form the minister of agriculture.

Eyd Solaris

Race: Sureu
Eyd is a high ranked officer in the Imperial army. She knows all the do and don'ts of the traditional army and have drilled all her subordinates to always shoot to miss their target.
Eyd is also obsessed with finding out how Jisel escaped the slaughter of his people, as survival skills comes off as very sexy among the Sureu.


Race: Jusgite (Dog)
Percypont is not a person, he is an animal. A very well trained animal.
The Jusgite is judged by the environment they are born into, and one born in the wild is therfore nothing but an animal. Due to being just a small a pup when he was taken in by the Empire Percyopnt learned a lot and is very sophisticated. In fact he is the captain of the Galaxy's biggest ship, Ten Times Worse.

Percyponts crew

Name: Toms
Race: Seuru

Name: Dr. Saiba

Race: Reyier

Speigel Artmaus

Race: Laona
The leader of the AntiProphetianPussyCatSquad. The AntiProphetianSquads were formed during the early years of the Evil Empire while the riot was still going strong. The Empire did not want the Prophetians to interfere with their rise to power. It is stated in the constitution that, as long as there is Pophetians alive, there should be at least one AntiProphetianSquad.
Needless to say Speigel do not like Jisel, at all. Even so he states that there is nothing personal about wanting to capture Jisel, it's only for the safety of the Empire.


Race: Laona
The AntiProphetianPussyCatSquad. Those crazy cat girls are, believe it or nor, the same race as Speigel. Among the Laona the females are, due to their superior physical strength, the dominant gender. A male commander is something very unusual and Speigels squad take every opportunity to point out how inferior he is, just because he is a male.

The Minister of Agriculture

The minister of Argiculture trying to take over the throne from Leif. Blew up his office, nohing personal, just politics.

Atlas Faeces

Race: Tterthan
The minister of Bike-shedding and other unimportant stuff. He is the Minister of Agricultures accomplice in trying to take over the throne from Leif.

The Rebels

DeBorias Rock

Race: People
DeBorias is the proud leader of the rebel organization. With no sense for politics and an abnormal love for freedom speeches he plan to overthrow the Empire. Under his leadership the rebels have become more organized and have grown in numbers, and every single one of them looks up to DeBorias. He is, to say the least, charismatic.
DeBorias do not like his own kind. He find them dull, stupid and lacking in imagination. One of the reasons is their language, chair is called "thing you sit on" and so forth.
He think it's the Chosen One's destiny to help with the fight against the Empire and will go through great lengths to apprehend him, and if possible Jisel to.

Millikan Jeves

Race: Locud
DeBorias right hand. She seems rather bright and a little less fanatic than the other rebels. Despite this she wholeheartedly follows DeBorias lead, and only question his decisions if she feels it benefits the movement. DeBorias treasure her advice and support.


Race: Heig
The military commander of the rebels. Presumably the one who came up with the name Cream-Lard for the flagship. He is an excellent strategist and strongly believe in DeBorias ideals.


Race: Eslete

Race: Reyier

Race: Sureu


That crazy guy Paznos

Race: Eslete
Paznos is the kind of guy that shoots first and have no intrest in asking questions afterwards. He works for Gurez father. A job that involves a lot of shooting but also to bring back Gurez every time he skips class. Since the later seldom involves shooting stuff he finds it tedious and boring.
Paznos is not good with technology because you can't threat it, kill it and it doesn't help blowing it up. The same is true about Jisel, which is why they don't get along.


Race: Jusgite
Gurezs father. Definitely criminal. He is quite strict with Gurez and a tad overprotective. He is friends with Jisel, but have also tried to shoot him an occasions.

The Vegetable Vendor

Race: Locud
A nice smuggler who does his highly illegal stuff with a smile!
He mostly smuggles weapons and machine parts and he take great care to only do it in the best vegetables in the Milkyway.


Race: Unknown
Smuggler king and builder of Fangs Hollow. Have a tendency to dispose of architects in order to keep the complete layout of the place to himself. His relation to Jisel seems to be somewhat complicated.



Race: Unknown
Neijken is a cyborg and the owner of a store that sells pretty much everything. Mostly Pebercuchen though.
Nobody knows which gender Nejlken is, and nobody dare to ask. Mainly because Neijken have very creepy eyes. The cybernetic parts of him/her also makes Neiken both faster and stronger than anyone else, so picking a fight is not recommended. Neiken do not like trouble, and tries therefore to remain neutral in all conflicts. Everyone is welcome to do business, as long as they can pay.
And Neijken is dead, not dead dead, only gamma-dead. Meaning s/he is mostly machine.


Race: Anelin
Etcetras co-worker. A brilliant mechanic.

Historical Figures


Race: Eslete
Was the Chosen One who first decided to rebel against the Prophetians. Having the prophesy that he would bring order to chaos to fulfill, he decided that the best way to do that was to simply kill all Prophetians.


Race: Reyier
A Chosen One from thew golden age of Prophetians. He wrote a book about how to best avoid having a prophesy foretold about you. Is best known for constantly being followed by an mountain.


Race: Locud
A previous Emperor, he had a short mandate.
He asked Jisel to make him a prophecy about him being remembered as one of the greatest emperors. This resulted in Vanhorn saving millions of people by driving into an artificial sun. That solar system is named after him and his memory is celebrated there every year.


Race: Nanocilika
Inventor of the great tower of translation that sends signals across the galactic dish. Its principle is based on of some of the Prophetians powers. Unfortunately this upset people. He was tortured and killed by the Prophetians to set an example.


Race: Prophetian
He was the Prophetian who helped babel build his machine. His last prophesy was; "I will be part of the greatest invention ever!" Classic example of bad wording.

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