Why is this comic ugly?

It comes back to this.
This comic is made with nothing more than a mechanical pencil and copy paper. This is how it always have been. I began making this comic in 2007 as an escape for my brain, a way to relax. A small sanctuary where my thoughts could run wild. To combine that with the actual effort of making a pretty looking comic just seemed silly.

Then something happened. People started reading the comic, and enjoy it. Then I started translating and put it on the web. For fun and for my friends. As more people started reading it two camps formed. Those who liked the comic as it was and those who thought I should ink it.

So why donít I go back and ink things? Well for one thing there are about 300 comics, it would be a lot of work to ink, and the maybe color as well. Secondly, it doesn't have to look nice. For me the important part is the telling, the characters and the story. As long as the pictures show what needs to be told why bother?

ThirdlyÖ I do ink them. I print small fanzines in swedish and for those I ink the comics, cause the rough sketches would not look good in print. I do this when I feel like making a fanzine, and so far Iíve only inked 52 comics. Then I sell them whenever Iím at comic festivals and stuff.

But the original version and the web version Iíll leave like it is. Made with love and unpolished.

The story so far

It all begins a beautiful morning when a ship crashes into a house. The ship is piloted by a rather odd alien by the name Jisel Rigdmy. He claims to have come to Earth in search of the Chosen One. Even though there clearly something fishy about the whole thing our hero decides to join him on a quest to save the Universe. The first stop on this great journey is Winterhaven, a space station, where he must retrieve The Impossible Triangle. Which he does...

... only to find out he have been set up. This is all explained to him by Etcetra Asap, a mechanic who lives in Winterhaven. Jisel is infact the last Prophetian, a race that can make prophesies that come true, and our pointy haired lead is now stuck as the Chosen One. Then he looses his name, his ability to speak and his temper, in no particular order. Since this is all Jisel fault he promises to come up with a new, better, name, and decides he should be called Pseudonym. The peace do not last for long. Out of nowhere comes Speigel Artmaus, intent on killing Jisel. In a hastily arranged departure the duo become a trio when they accidentally brings Etcetra along.

After leaving Winterhaven and escaping Speigel the course is set towards Fangs Hollow, a pretty darn big smuggler nest. Here they plan to buy spare parts and pick up a pilot. The pilots name is Gurez Zanges, and he is according to Jisel the second best pilot in the universe. However he is skipping class to go adventuring with them, and this is not something his father approves of.
Again they have to depart quickly as Gurezs father sends the rather insane Paznos after them. They escape Paznos clutches but runs out of gas, they somehow makes it to the long abandoned planet Erego where they hope to find some fuel.

The planet is not as abandoned as it seemed. In fact there is a large amount of rebels hiding on the surface, lead by the oh so charismatic DeBorias Rock. The rebels are extremely interested in using the Chosen One to help them overthrow the Empire, something Jisel is not overly excited about. In an attempt to persuade your heroes to join them the rebels throw them into the dungeon. In the dungeon they meet again with Speigel, and a short truce is initiated, until they manages to escape the rebels.

The escape goes, not according to plan, but well, they manage to leave both Speigel and the Rebels behind them. With only the minor hiccup in the form of a prophecy about DeBorias. It goes; You hurg. No one knows what that means.
With more than one slightly pissed pursuer the group decides the best course of action is to go into hiding for a while. And said hiding gets done in the store of one of Jisels old friends, Neijken.

Neijken is a cyborg, dead, and donĎt want anyone elses problems at his(or hers?) doorstep. Despite this Jisel manages to talk them into a prolonged stay at the store, as long as no one comes asking for them. Surprisingly no one does. Until out of the blue the Empire shows up. A small elite force led by Eyd Solaris comes to bring in Jisel for an audience with the Emperor himself.

The Emperor, whose name is Leif, is greatly concerned by the political implications of Jisels actions. A full blown revolution, with the supernatural support of a Chosen One, is not something he wants. Thatís why he have decided to send Jisel and company as far away as possible with the biggest and fastest ship the Emprire can produce; Ten Times Worse. He also sends Speigel to the other end of the Galaxy, to give Jisel some peace and quiet.

Ten Times Worse is captained by the slightly odd Percypont. And the expedition donít get far before they are ambushed by the rebels.

The Universe

A pretty big place. I can at most times take care of itself, and is in no apparent danger.

The Evil Empire of the MilkyWay

The Evil empire covers 87% of the Milkyway galaxy. The rest of the galaxy consist of small states or is unexplored.
The Empire, despite it's name, isn't especially evil. The Empire took the chance when all the Chosen Ones where busy killing Prophetians too seize the galaxy. And since then the galaxy have experienced a long period of peace and economic stability.

A space stations mostly inhabited by artists, art critics and the like. Often hosts prestigious exhibitions.

Fangs Hollow

A big smuggler nest. Built and governed by Fang, who is the only one who knows the Hollow complete layout. The Empire have so far not been able to locate and destroy this criminal outpost.

Tower of Babel

The great tower of translation. It sends signals to receivers that automaticly translate what's being said in the surroundings. It was built long before the Empire was formed. No one knows exactly how this works, since the guy who build the machinery is dead, and all his other works destroyed. The tower structure is a later addition to make the signals reach further.

Neijkens Store

Here you can buy almost everything.


That piece of Junk

Jisels ship. Whether or not it had a proper name from the beginning does not matter. Everyone calls it that piece of junk anyway. It's an old but durable model, made to last.
Monday Morning

Eyd Solaris ship, an Imperial cruiser, bearing one of the most evil of names.

Ten Times Worse

The biggest ship in the galaxy, big enough to upset the tides of planets. It takes 20 minutes to calculate a jump at max length and can cross the galactic dish in 16 hours. That is pretty damn fast. Captain of this giant is Percypont.


Impossible Triangle

A piece of art Pseudonym stole. In doing so he became the Chosen One. The triangle have no practical use whatsoever.
Help I'm Being Followed By A Montain

A book about how to best survive meeting with Prophetians written by the Chosen One Demahog. Contains a great deal of tips and tricks and facts about how Prophetians operate. Tip number one; Avoid them.
One of the most popular books ever, printed in billions and copies, and to this day remains among the top bestsellers.


It's just a regular stone.
Tough DeBorias gave it meaning by saying it was important, and so Jisel was able to make a prophesy about it. I will someday become the most famous of stones.

I will fill this in later.
Etcetra Explains about the Universe


Iím a 25 years old Comic artist and Game Writer that lives in Sweden. Storytelling is a great passion and I try every day to get a little better on what I do. If you are wondering why I spell like crap, then the answer is that Iím dyslectic, which is not a bad thing. Screws up my writing but gives me story composing superpowers.

If you want to see more of what I do visit my DeviantArt page. I recommend it if you like dragons;

If you want to contact me for any reason, send a mail;

Apple Pie

175 g butter
3 dl flour
a pinch of salt
2 Tblsp water

100 g butter
2Ĺ dl sugar
2 eggs
3 apples

Mix the ingedients for the dough. Put in fridge. Start the oven.
Stir butter and sugar until fluffy. Stir the eggs and add them to the butter and sugar. Stir a lot.
Grate the apples and mix them into mixture. At this point it might look repulsive, but don't let that stop you from eating the best apple pie in the world.
Put dough in pie form. Pour the mixutre into form. Bake in oven for about 45 minutes or untill it's finished.
Powder with icing sugar and eat with cream.
Share and enjoy!

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