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8 years... wow!
Lots have changed. Somethings not. The comic? That changed too! The Evil Empire still exists. On webtoons! If this change is for good I guess it up to you readers to decide XD Anyway the journy continues.

I've made some comics! they will last untill 25th July.
In reality Imade tem a while ago... I just havn't got around to translate them till now. Anyway, enjoy!
Done some site maintainance. Made comics to last every Monday untill week 45 (that is 2nd November all ye non Swedes). This is how I will update from now on, telling you how much comics is prepared, beacus I never now when I'll have time to make more. Next comic comes Monday, when I guess you'll find out weather everybody dies or not.
I'm back from the Comic festival in Stockholm. As always it was fun and I met a lot of my friends. Right now I am super inspired and want to make all the comics!! Hope it lasts a while.

In other news I have recived two great pices of art and it makes me very happy (: Check it out;

Welcome back!
I am back in business, and as you might or might not know I have prepared comics so it will last through June, updating every Monday. By then I will probably have made more. If you want a quick recap on what’s going on I recommend reading from the moment when they arrive on Ten Times Worse.

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